freediving in mauritius


what is freediving?

Freediving is the most natural way to explore the ocean. Freediving is about inward power, discipline and control. If you’ve always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, on your own terms, staying as long as your breath allows, then freediving is for you. There is also a lot of physical and mental benefits to get from freediving.

why freedive?

Freediving is more than just an underwater activity. Freediving is also the practice of relaxation. Before each dive freedivers spent a considerable amount of time on the surface calming their breath, body and mind. The breathing is kept shallow as if we were about to fall sleep. The body is relaxed and the mind is de-concentrated.

During a freediving course you will learn skills and techniques that will be useful to you for the rest of your life, even outside of water. You will learn how to to breathe more efficiently, how to stretch and increase your flexibility and also how to relax both your body and mind.

Freediving Mauritius

Discover Freediving

Learn how to hold your breath longer and experience what it’s like to explore the ocean on a breath hold.

Freediving Mauritius

PADI Basic Freediver Course

A good introduction into the world of freediving. Learn the fundamental principles and techniques of freediving within confined water.

Freediving Mauritius

PADI Freediver Course

Your starting point if you are comfortable in water and want to develop a solid foundation for deep diving.

need more information about freediving?

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