snorkeling in mauritius


the most accessible way to explore the ocean

Snorkeling is probably the easiest and most simple way to explore the ocean. It is often underrated when compared scuba diving or freediving but it offers a good introduction to underwater activities.

You might be a bit restricted when it comes to depth and underwater time but on the other hand snorkeling provides you with an unlimited air supply to explore the ocean from the surface.

our snorkeling sites

While Blue Bay is famous for it’s marine parc, due to the bad state of the corals there (more than 90% of them are dead), we instead prefer to snorkel in the lagoon of Mahebourg.

Our snorkeling sites in this region of Mauritius range from 2 to 10 m deep and are still more vibrant and lively with anemones, school of barracudas and even moray eels

Our snorkeling trips are also guided, meaning you will have a qualified professional in water with you to ensure your safety and show you around.